Air, water, earth, fire, elements of life have always found their most specific foundation in our activity which for years, using ancient traditions, has been aimed at the search for well-being, the improvement of health, balance with the environment.

The earth: the clays found, after careful research and study, are exposed to atmospheric agents for a prolonged time, for the natural purification and compaction that makes the artifacts more resistant.

Water: once ready for processing, a fundamental element is added to the clay, water, without adding additives.

Air: contact with air causes drying, the moment in which the artifacts dry out completely.

The fire: the most delicate phase of production is cooking. In fact, it is necessary to take every single brick, now dried and shaved, and place it inside the ovens where it will reach a temperature of about 1000° C.
The arrangement of the pieces together with the choice of cooking times and temperatures must allow the fire to envelop the brick in all its parts, obtaining a uniform cooking that does not damage or deform it.
After firing, the brick acquires that strength that makes it eternal and that beauty that has made it one of the most popular materials for centuries without forgetting its excellent thermal insulation.